USB Worldwide Internet Radio & TV & Game Player - Weltweit TV via USB Stick

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USB Worldwide Internet Radio + TV + Game Player - Weltweit TV via USB Stick inkl. Versand.

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Weltweit kostenlos TV schauen via USB Stick.
Weltweit kostenloser Zugriff auf diverse Radio & TV Stationen
Onboard Game Center für weltweites kostenloses gamen

Internet radio&TV Player, offers users instant access to the hottest Internet radio and TV content. This great idea of combo audio/video media from the Internet is playable through a compact USB drive, which supports plug and play connectivity. It provides selection from over 20,000 radio stations plus 5,000 web TV stations worldwide to the user.
With a user friendly interface, it is easy to search your favorite music and programs classified by countries and genre. Through personal settings, the player is able to quickly access the individuals favorite station list on any computer without any registration. Because the Internet infrastructure varies from country to country, a stream quality indicator is provided that will show the user the monitored Internet stream stability in real-time from the players location. This saves time when selecting a station from long lists as poorer streaming quality stations can be skipped, allowing ultimate enjoyment of diverse Internet radio and TV stations.


Worldwide radio and TV stations categorized into countries, genres and languages.
Provides over 20,000 radio stations, classified in 56 genres and 210 countries.
Includes 5000 web TV stations worldwide, sorted in 17 types of programs, 210 countries and 59 languages
User friendly interface, allows enjoying your favorite radio station & TV program with a mouse click.
Collection of Favorites and History stations. Immediate access to ?My Favorite?
stations on any PC without any registration
Web 2.0 Dynamic voting system; recommend best station all up to you.
Automatically updates program & new stations onsite
Supports 16 languages user interface
Record music in WMA format to your hard drive.
Stream quality indicator to monitor in real time Internet stream stability.


1.    Reception: A patent technology is developed in Internet radio&TV Player which would monitor the quality of stations in real-time and offers users more than 20,000 radio and 5,000 TV stations in good quality. We provide 24 hours uninterrupted service for users to access the most updated and completed internet radio stations as well as TV stations.
2.   Schedule Recording: provided schedule recording function to record internet radio / TV program with WMA / WMV format simultaneously, allows users to record TV & Radio simply by setting TV or Radio station name, date, time and file path.
3.   Favorites:  Anytime you listen to a radio station or a TV station you like, just click the ?heart? icon and you can add this station to ?My Favorites? list.
4.  Plug & Play:Simply plug a Internet radio&TV Player and access to over 25,000 radio and TV stations worldwide instantly!! Easily play & record your favorite music at once.
5.   Voting: allows you to share or recommend your favorite radio or TV stations by voting. You can also separate your most favorite and dislike stations from this section.
6.   Search: Enter a keyword and press [Enter]. iRadioPOP Plus will search for station names which contains words you entered
7.    History: By clicking History function, you can get a list of the recently 20 stations you have listened/watched.
8.    16 Languages:  provides multi-lingual user interface such as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese?etc. Users could alter the language used in the interface by simply clicking a desired language in the list

Kompatibel mit:
Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA

Package Includes:
1 x USB Worldwide Internet Radio & TV Player

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