Extreme 3 Thermal Ram Kühlpad 4 Stk.

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Extreme 3 Thermal Ram Pads, Kühlpad 4 Stk.

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Each set contains 4 XBRdepot eXtreme-III? Thermal RAM Pads . These soft and tacky pads fit perfectly under the XBOX 360 motherboard. They are 25% thicker for increased cooling and better pressure. Use them with any RROD repair to prevent future problems. They will prevent RAM errors, and increase the longevity of your XBOX. They will also help keep your XBOX safe under the most demanding graphics. Every purchase includes easy access to our e-book instructions with simple text and pictures that show you how to open your 360 and complete the install. 

Unique Benefits
25% thicker than original for superior cooling and performance
No drilling or sawing required
Cool RAM up to 35%
Prevent RROD and RAM/graphics errors

Package Includes:
4 x Theraml Pads

Specifications :

Unique Benefits
?25% thicker than original for superior cooling and performance
?No drilling or sawing required
?Cool RAM up to 35%
?Prevent RROD and RAM/graphics errors

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