PS2 Modchip Modbo 5.0 Supports DEV1 and DEV2 for Memory Card and USB Booting

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Specifications and Product Details:

MODBO 5.0 is an new generation for PS2 MOD chip that integrates a USB boot menu so you can play games from usb hard drive or usb memory stick! start the console without any CD/DVD.

Kind remind:Please soldering for PS2 chip MODBO 5.0 for PS2 game console strictly according to instructions,and we can not provide warranty for human damage or wrong operation damage.Do not worry about it,this seldom happened before.

Below is the details for PS2 chip MODBO 5.0

*MODBO 5.0 is ideal for supporting usb hard drive and memory stick.

*This MODBO 5.0 is fully compatible with ps2 v1-v16 PAL / USA / Jap

* Upgraded from modbo3.0, comes with original 100% v1.88 firmware, but it isnt upgradeable

*It comes with mini size board and the wiring point order is good for installation

*The MODBO 5.0 also supports for PS2/PS1/DVD

*DVD region free incorporated

*Software selectable "For PS2 Quick Load" option. (to skip for PS2 logo and Quick boot for PS2 games)

*Software selectable "for PSX Quick Load" option (to skip for PS1 logo and Quick boot for PSX games

*It is easy to install (only 18 wires for V1-V8 and 20 wires for V9, V10, V11, V12, V13)

* CPLD chip (3.3V power supply) based IC for enhanced stability

* Automatic "MACROVISION=OFF" on all for PS2 from V3 to V16 without additional wires

* Automatic "green fix" (no more need to change the cable to see your DVD movies on the PS2)

More information about the for PS2 Modchip MODBO 5.0 as follows:

* It imports games fix (all for PSX import games are played at full screen and full color
*Its stealth-mode (the modchip can be switched off and becomes invisible to online gaming)
* Its sleep-mode (the modchip will switch off itself after boot)
*This MODBO 5.0 can support DVD-9 games
*Using this MODBO 5.0 can play all CDs and DVDs games (both, import or backups)
*The MODBO 5.0 supports multi-disk games
* It also supports anti-mod for PS1 games (only for V9 - V16 PS2)
* It is very reliable (all the Modchips are 100% tested before delivery)
* MODBO 5.0 is very stable (thanks to sleep mode the IC will never overheat)
* Its CD lens is safe (avoid CD lens damage by sending un-necessary signal to drive controller)
* Supports DEV1 and DEV2 for memory card booting.

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