Original Squirt BGA 2.1-100 Mhz, Corona ready (Revision 2018)

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Original Squirt BGA 2.1-100 Mhz, Corona ready (Revision 2018)

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Very fast glitcher supporting dual nand. Works also with Slim and Phat Xbox 360. RGH 2 compatible.

Squirt 2.0 and 2.1 have dedicated bitstreams, the bitsteram is the same for both. If you use AUTOGG the bitstream are already present in the program. All what you need can you find on the official page www.squirt360.com

NOTE: Squirt 2.1 works on zehyr, falcon and jasper RGH1 configuration (Kernel 14699) and works only falcon and jasper RGH2 configuration (Kernel 14717)

SQUIRT BGA 2.1 - 100 mhz

NEW VERSION - the evolution of our best seller Rgh Modchip!

These are the new features:

  • New ROL Pad for Dual Nands. (Smc reset)
  • New Capacitor values
  • New Oscillator
  • New Spi Pad layout
  • Optimized Pcb routing
  • And all the great 2.0 features!

The quality and speed is comparable to the more expensive TX Slim Proto 2.

Its also much better on XB360 PHAT than the older versions, when using RGH 2.


  • 100Mhz oscillator, double speed then old one, a lot of more stability on RGH2 installation and stable installations for other consoles.
  • TUNING ON BOARD for PST and RST wires, no more long wires or trouble with installations, no extra PCB to reach a perfect tuning, all is on board
  • New LED notification when chip GLITCH
  • COM MONITOR Pad directly on board
  • SPI connections on board
  • JTAG for xilinx on board

Package content:

  • 1 x FCC CABLE 40 cm 15 pin to connect SQUIRT PROGRAMMER

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